Save the date: 50 year anniversary of Cultural Anthropology at Victoria University of Wellington

In 2017 Cultural Anthropology at Victoria University of Wellington (part of the School of Social and Cultural Studies) will celebrate 50 years since it was founded. The programme will hold events from 10-12 May. All of these events will be open to the public and anthropologists from around the country and beyond who wish to attend.

A call for papers will be made soon for a one day symposium on 11 May, with Professor Michael D. Jackson as keynote.

Over the three days they will also:

  • host a public lecture by Distinguished Professor Dame Anne Salmond;
  • open an archival exhibit on the history of anthropology at Victoria University of Wellington; and
  • host a range of debates, roundtables and forums on the past, present and futures of anthropology at VUW, in New Zealand, and beyond.

The events will begin at 9am on Wednesday and end Friday evening. Watch this space for more details, and follow Cultural Anthropology at VUW on Facebook.