Grave matters in Oceania: Special issue of the Journal of the Polynesian Society

The Journal of the Polynesian Society has just released a special issue entitled Grave Matters in Oceania. It is not open access so requires a subscription to read the articles. However, if you don't have access through a university, the table of contents (below) might tempt you to subscribe.

Introduction to “Grave Matters in Oceania” by Penelope Schoeffel and Malama Meleisea

The Culture of Graves on Rotuma by
Jan Rensel and Alan Howard

Grave Business in Enga by Philip Gibbs

Development Conflicts and Changing Mortuary Practices in a New Guinea Mining by Jerry K. Jacka

The Work of the Dead in Samoa: Rank, Status and Property by Malama Meleisea and Penelope Schoeffel

Changing Morphology of Graves and Burials in Samoa by Saili Lilomaiava-Doktor