New issue of Sites now available

The latest issue of Sites (Vol 14, No 2), published in December 2017, features the essay ‘Narrating Agency and Constructing Community: Commonalities and Tensions in Health Technology Narratives,’ by Claire Black, winner of the Sites Graduate Student Essay Competition. It also features a dialogue on between Nigel Rapport and Brigitte Lewis on the theory and politics of cosmopolitanism.

Phoebe Elers, Frances Nelson, & Angelique Nairn’s article ‘Patient Portal Advertisements: A Discourse Analysis,’ and Susanna Trnka & Andrea Merino Ortiz‘s article ‘Reshaping the Landscape of Care: Health Apps and the Ethics of Self-responsibility and Care for the Other,’ attend to various implications of health technologies.

Other contributors examine various aspects of identity politics. Louise Humpage explores the perspectives of New Zealand expatriates living in London in ‘Leaving Politics Behind? Diasporic Nationalism in London.’ In ‘L’Ordre et la Morale: Looking Beyond the Transnational in a Non-indigenous Film About Recent Pacific History,’ Karin Elizabeth Speedy discusses the film representation of a violent episode in New Caledonia’s history.

Trisia Farrelly, Rochelle Stewart-Withers, Sharon McLennan, & Lorena Gibson explore collective memory work is as a methodology with potential for anthropological research. This issue also offers an examination of the various discourses of toilet training in Aotearoa New Zealand with an article by Rita Mary Robinson; of death notices in Ray Nairn, Angela Moewaka Barnes, and Tim McCreanor’s article; and a video analysis of gendered differences in mountain biking by Mike Lloyd. Several book reviews complete the issue.

Sites welcomes original papers focused on empirical studies or theoretical, methodological or pedagogical issues relevant to the study of societies and cultures of the wider Pacific region, including New Zealand, Australia, Oceania, the Pacific Rim, and their diasporas. Sites is published twice a year and is a delayed open access journal. All content is open to the public after 12 months.

Sites invites submissions from authors in the fields of anthropology, culture studies, indigenous studies, Māori studies, sociology, history, gender, linguistics, and ethnomusicology. The journal has an international editorial advisory board, an international circulation, and also welcomes work from scholars working outside the region on topics relevant to this region. For more information, contact the editorial team.