Déjà Lu ("Already read"): an open access journal

Déjà Lu ("already read") is an open access journal run by the World Council of Anthropological Associations. The journal aims to disseminate anthropological knowledge on a global level by republishing articles that originally appear elsewhere, sometimes translating them into different languages, so as many people as possible can read them. Editors from journals such as our very own Sites: A journal of social anthropology and cultural studies select articles from their publications for the editors of Déjà Lu to consider publishing on this international platform. 

The latest issue of Déjà Lu has 46 articles, including one by ASAA/NZ member Jeff Sissons titled “Dangerous Remains: Towards a History of Tapu,” which was originally published in Sites. Earlier issues of Déjà Lu have also featured articles by Susanna Trnka & Laura McLaughlan (Issue 2), Margaret Kawharu (Issue 3), and Susanna Trnka and Catherine Trundle (Issue 4).

Have fun reading!