Kākano Fund Round One 2018 - call for applications

We are pleased to invite applications to the Kākano Fund from students enrolled during 2018 in a degree course for a BA Hons or MA in Social and/or Cultural Anthropology. Consideration will also be given to PhD students if funding permits. This is the first round of awards for 2018.

Applications can be made for funds to be used towards conference presentations or costs related to the preparation of a thesis/dissertation. Students are eligible for an award if their course requires the completion of a single thesis, a dissertation, or a research portfolio, and if the date of final submission of their work falls within the period of 1 April to 30 September 2018.
The deadline for round one applications is Thursday 31 May 2018. Application forms are available here.
If you have any queries about the award, please contact the Chair of the Kākano Committee, Dr Barbara Andersen.