Mahi Tahi

Call for presentations: Mahi Tahi panel at ASAA/NZ 2019 Breaking Boundaries conference

Graduate students in anthropology are invited to participate in the Mahi Tahi panel of the ASAA/NZ Breaking Boundaries Conference ki Whāingaroa (Raglan) in November 2019. Abstract are due on 6 September 2019.

ASAA/NZ 2018 conference: An invitation for Māori and indigenous students of Anthropology

Mahi Tahi ki Pōneke invites Māori and indigenous students of Anthropology to join a collaborative installation responding to Whaea Lily George’s call to ‘stir up the silences’ (2017) surrounding Māori and Anthropology, and decolonisation. The installation, made by Māori and indigenous students of anthropology, will be showcased at the ASAA/NZ conference on 6-7 December 2018.

Stirring Up Silence: Mahi Tahi interactive presentation at ASAA/NZ 2018 Conference

Stirring Up Silence: Mahi Tahi is an interactive presentation that will be held at the ASAA/NZ Conference on 6-7 December 2018. This is open to all who wish to engage with Māori student perspectives and experiences of anthropology. It will centre Māori student voices and hopes to generate a broad conversation within anthropology in Aotearoa.

Graduate Stories: Jade Gifford

This instalment of our new series, Graduate Stories, features Honours student Jade Gifford, whose work provided the foundation for Mahi Tahi. In this series we showcase some of the outstanding graduate researchers working in various anthropology departments, or on anthropological topics, around Aotearoa New Zealand.