The latest from Sites: A Journal of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies, by Chrys Jaye

Recent political happenings in the United States impact deeply on New Zealand and Australia through the well documented processes of globalisation, cosmopolitanisation and neoliberalisation. Sites: A Journal of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies contains a number of articles that highlight the richness that ethnic diversity can add to communities.

Rebecca Williamson's article Vernacular Cosmopolitanisms in Suburban Peripheries: A Case Study in Multicultural Sydney (in Volume 13 Issue 1) illustrates this through her examination of a Sydney suburb through the lenses of cosmopolitanism. In the same issue, the article The Cosmopolitan Performers: Chinese–Indonesian Migrants in Perth, Australia by Monika Winarnita and Natalie Araujo speaks to the complexities of identity construction for migrants to Australia, while Karen Connelly explores the exclusionist vision of cyber-racism in an Australian blog in Undermining Cosmopolitanism - Cyber-racism Narratives in Australia.

Sites welcomes original papers focused on empirical studies or theoretical, methodological or pedagogical issues relevant to the study of societies and cultures of the wider Pacific region, including New Zealand, Australia, Oceania, the Pacific Rim, and their diasporas. Sites is published twice a year and is a delayed open access journal. All content is open to the public after 12 months.

Sites invites submissions from authors in the fields of anthropology, culture studies, indigenous studies, Māori studies, sociology, history, gender, linguistics, and ethnomusicology. The journal has an international editorial advisory board, an international circulation, and also welcomes work from scholars working outside the region on topics relevant to this region. For more information, contact the editorial team.