Harriet Lane-Tobin

What’s Up in the World? - Weekly Digest 15/07/2016 Written by Harriet Lane-Tobin

For this week's digest I am addressing space, spatial relations and the new craze of Pokemon GO. The power of the video games both to pop culture and to urban culture. How it becomes a potent force in altering their mutual understandings. Also giving a nod to the US military and the importance of the silence in enacting social change.


What’s Up in the World? - Weekly Digest 08/07/2016 Written by Harriet Lane-Tobin

In light of mine and the social media worlds' overwhelming responses to Jesse William’s speech at the BET awards I am grounding this weeks digest in the opposite response. The issues of inward and outward stigma and discrimination. However can the world be completely brained when ‘we’ are often geared toward ignorance and misguided efforts.


What’s Up in the World? - Weekly Digest 24/06/2016 Written by Harriet Lane-Tobin

In this week's digest I look to the legal, political and legislative and how each can or ‘should’ be altered to create more open and supportive kinds of society, whilst showing the importance of individual action in creating or preventing these changes.



What’s Up in the World? - Weekly Digest 17/06/2016 Written by Harriet Lane-Tobin

In the light of the recent, heartbreaking, events in Pulse, an LGBTQI night club in Orlando I felt the need to use this week's digest to use to talk about the lives of those who identify as LGBTQI. Whether ‘in’ or ‘outside’ of the metaphorical closet I wanted to discuss the realities for those of us affected by the issues raised in the articles below. Highlighting that whether hidden or seen, safety is not something that is guaranteed and this can be largely influenced by the legislation that creates the ‘worlds’ we all exist within.

What’s Up in the World? - Weekly Digest 27/05/2016 Written by Harriet Lane-Tobin

This week's digest flies in the face of progress, whether it be in regards to innovation, education, technology and the discussions that ‘need’ to be hand. Here I contend with how this can be empowering in one context and disillusioning in another.


What’s Up in the World? - Weekly Digest 20/05/2016 Written by Harriet Lane-Tobin

With the constant pressure to do the ‘right’ thing. I have chosen to use this week's digest to explore the importance and validation of sometimes doing what is deemed to be ‘wrong’. Whether it be overly coddling the youth of today, defining a meaning, trial and error in the workplace or how you choose to present yourself to the world, the wrong can sometimes teach as many valuable and important lessons as the right.


What’s Up in the World? - Weekly Digest 6/05/2016 Written by Harriet Lane-Tobin

Culture, authenticity, life, death and the misrepresented. This week's digest comes at these issues from multiple angles, showing the positives and negatives of being able to be perceived and understood in different ways.  

Interview with Dr Barbara Andersen, Social Anthropology, Massey University (Auckland)

On Wednesday 9 March 2016 Dr Barbara Andersen gave an ethnographically rich seminar titled "Gender, Infrastructure, and Health Care in Papua New Guinea" at Victoria University of Wellington. Harriet Lane-Tobin took the opportunity to interview Barbara, the newest permanent staff member in Social Anthropology at Massey University (Albany), about her research.